Was Mary Magdalene the First Pope? (Sunday Homily)

Mike, I just came across the Blog you wrote on June 10th this year about Mary Magdalene and how you see her as the rightful heir to be the first pope. It may sound strange but on June 22nd I published an E book on Amazon entitled Mary Magdalene – The First Pope. We both are treading on the same path with Mary Magdalene and I have learned from where you have elaborated in detail on the anointing of Jesus by Mary. In my investigation I found that there was one fundamental question that seemingly nobody had ever asked before about the events at the tomb on that first Easter morning, The question is: How could Mary Magdalene see two angels sitting at where the head and feet of the body of Jesus had lain while Peter could only see the folded clothes? The answer to the question is indeed revealing and it will cause you to think outside the box.
The evidence suggests that the gospel writers used the tabernacle of Moses as a motif to tell about the the events of the resurrection. When you look at the events at the tomb on that first Easter morning the wording suggests that the gospel writers had afforded Mary Magdalene the fundamental status of the original high priests like Aaron where she had access to the Holy of holies of the tabernacle. That was why she could see the two angelic cherubim sitting at either end of God’s mercy seat. In contrast, Peter could only see the folded clothes. Why? Because the gospel writers had only afforded Peter access to the holy place where the ordinary priests were restricted to. In fact, Mary Magdalene had acquired the status of the original high priests where she could see into the holy of holies of the tabernacle and therefore she had the crediantials to be the first pope.
I would like to send you my E book on Mary Magdalene and would appreciate if you could E mail me at sunnyseaside@gmail.com and I will forward you a copy of my E book. Then we could converse on what must rate as the most misunderstood understanding of the events in the gospels of what happened at the tomb on that first Easter Morning. Michael

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hieros gamos

Readings for the eleventh Sunday in Ordinary Time: 2SM 12:7-10, 13; PS 32: 1-2, 5, 7, 11; GAL 2: 16, 19-21; LK 7: 36-8:3

As much as we love Pope Francis, many of us have been disappointed by his consistent refusal to consider ordaining women to the Catholic priesthood. In the light of such irritating consistency, the pope would do well to reconsider today’s Gospel reading.

I say that because it offers a compelling argument not merely admitting women to the priesthood, but to the highest office in the church – the papacy itself. It does so by presenting Mary Magdalene as performing an undeniably priestly function far beyond any recorded of Yeshua’s apostles. Doing so brings to mind the Master’s supreme elevation of Mary Magdalene found in patriarchally-suppressed sources outside the canonical Gospels. There Yeshua designates Mary as superior even to Peter.

Consider the episode Luke records.

Yeshua has…

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