Day 1 -The Drawings from the Prophets

A picture can speak a thousand words but unfortunately, graven images were not allowed in scripture. The scribes however did leave measurements and instructions, which could be utilized to draw diagrams. For instance, the technical specifications were provided with the tabernacle and Solomon’s temple and these details afford artists and engineers today the opportunity to draw up diagrams of those buildings. It is intended on this blog to show show that the scribes were much more inventive where they utilized numerical logic and the subject of calendar time as a medium that would enable artists to draw pictorial images, which would enhance many of the biblical stories.

Some of the information however related to a deeper metaphorical plane where the prophets referred to their visions of a mystical paradise in the hereafter. The seers obviously knew that the written word was never going to be persuasive enough to relate these visions to doubters. This would appear why they also utilized logic and science to convey the higher form of intelligence. It was the only medium that they could have used to get their message across in a theoretical sense. By providing detailed timing of particular events such as with the dating of the flood or the exodus story, the scribes left sufficient details to create imprints of the higher wisdom that was enshrined within those stories.

That is enough to begin with and the story continues tomorrow.  Michael



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